What Distorts our Perceptions of Reality

     From the moment of birth we are given the ability to react, and as we progress, our subconsciouses generate questions regarding what the existence we are brought into is. As wordless infants, these questions are overwhelming and cause a need to cry.  As these existential questions develop, there are more and more overwhelming feelings of despair.  Over time, infants will be comforted through made up answers to these questions in order to allow them to rest.  This creates a sense of reality based off euphemism, due to the child’s unwantingness to feel that despair again.  This will create a false sense of what reality is, thus a unique sense of reality due to the factors that are unique to each life.  This type of child will continue develop with these misguidances, thus, excluding themselves from the level of awareness they originated with.

     On the other side of the spectrum, there are the babies who grew up continuing to ask these overwhelming questions, and continuing to feel the existential despair involved with life.  These children tend to question life, death, and reality throughout their lives with no coping mechanism, therefore continue with the level of awareness they are born with.  These children tend to cry, panic, and feel feelings of despair throughout childhood.  The reason why most children see the world as a fun and happy place is because they have been misled.  This place is not happy, nor is it unhappy, it just is.  There are children who have never seen the world that way, and these children grow with awareness until a point of unwanted knowingness peaks, and the choice has been made to begin to suppress through coping mechanisms, altering their awareness.  Due to the larger amount of children who have grown through their forms of suppression, the ones who’ve made themselves believe everything is amazing as it is, there is neglecting of the problems that keep reality in an unpleasant state.  This coping in the long term prevents us from facing the problems that only the aware children know to exist.  We are born enlightened, but enlightenment will always be scary, as the awareness of death and mortality become more apparent.  This is why children cry when they are born.

     Enlightenment is the awareness we begin existing with, the truths both beautiful and harsh, and those who have comforted themselves in the short term have done harm to themselves in the long term.  With enlightenment exists the infinite potential we are born with.  If you recognize that you are unaware, don’t fear, there are many just like you and there are ways to reconnect with the enlightenment you were born with.
It is important for this enlightenment to spread in order for humanity to unlock its infinite potential before we destroy ourselves or the world we live on, which is the direction we are headed in.  Nobody wants to believe they shouldn’t have kids due to overpopulation, even though this overpopulation is harming the health of the earth and our species.  Due to values we’ve been given as a child, we dream of having kids and being just like our parents, and due to lack of awareness, we don’t think about what else this will impact.  This is a perfect example of what can come of unawareness.  Our ideas filter the way we see the world, and if we believe something that isn’t true, we will see the world in a distorted manner.

     This is why previous cultures have practiced  shamanism, the reconnection to existential enlightenment.  Today, shamanism is rare in most of the world, but fortunately there shamanic plants that have helped people for thousands of years face these coping mechanisms, but it can be unpleasant dependant on the individual to experience and overcome your deepest and darkest existential thoughts that have been suppressed.  Through consumption of these shamanic plants, one overcomes these coping mechanisms, and the enlightenment and infinite potential we were born with can return.  Governments around the world have banned these shamanic plants and created propaganda to turn us against them, and they do this so that they can control their population through their unawareness.  What they don’t realize is that they are here to guide us away from ignorance, and that banning them is no different than a child suppressing their darkest existential thoughts through comforting lies.

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