The Dimension of Detail

What is detail? What allows us to perceive a specific depth of detail? Can we control our perceptions of detail?

After entering the realm of detail, the teachers (entities of obscure dimension) taught me how little depth of detail we normally perceive, and allowed me to see the potential depth of detail we can perceive. Color and shape allow us to form visual clues of the atomic structures around us. We do not acknowledge, and we can not acknowledge, the true and full depth of detail. This detail is of something that visuality will never be able to explain, but it exists everywhere constantly.

The way we see flowers, insects, crystals, and other intricate things, is very limited due to the intricacy and complexity of the actual existing form. Our role in time is nothing more than a frame of the entirety of time. The flow of time in the universe is like a rapid waterfall, and we are but one of infinite individual moments within the infinite moments of the waterfall.

In other perceivable planes of existence, it is possible that entities only need to exist for a short period of time, which is why in the grand scheme of things we do. Due to the fear of death, and the strong will to thrive ones own existence, we have created the need to slow down time ourselves. We have selfishly created this extent of relativity. This selfishness is what caused us to have such limited perception and understanding of the depth of detail. What was supposed to be a fun and short spin around a giant star on a spherical rock has now become a slow and painful journey of unknowing. A shorter journey would be lesser questioned, and thus, more immediately appreciated, allowing our brains to want to see the full depth of detail.


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