The Dimension of Detail

What is detail? What allows us to perceive a specific depth of detail? Can we control our perceptions of detail?

After entering the realm of detail, the teachers (entities of obscure dimension) taught me how little depth of detail we normally perceive, and allowed me to see the potential depth of detail we can perceive. Color and shape allow us to form visual clues of the atomic structures around us. We do not acknowledge, and we can not acknowledge, the true and full depth of detail. This detail is of something that visuality will never be able to explain, but it exists everywhere constantly.

The way we see flowers, insects, crystals, and other intricate things, is very limited due to the intricacy and complexity of the actual existing form. Our role in time is nothing more than a frame of the entirety of time. The flow of time in the universe is like a rapid waterfall, and we are but one of infinite individual moments within the infinite moments of the waterfall.

In other perceivable planes of existence, it is possible that entities only need to exist for a short period of time, which is why in the grand scheme of things we do. Due to the fear of death, and the strong will to thrive ones own existence, we have created the need to slow down time ourselves. We have selfishly created this extent of relativity. This selfishness is what caused us to have such limited perception and understanding of the depth of detail. What was supposed to be a fun and short spin around a giant star on a spherical rock has now become a slow and painful journey of unknowing. A shorter journey would be lesser questioned, and thus, more immediately appreciated, allowing our brains to want to see the full depth of detail.


A Reality of Misguided Enchantment

     Listen to these words if you want to have any kind of any kind of understanding of the reality we live in, as opposed to the one we think we do.  Existence is defined by a phase of experience, followed by the intense and mysterious intermission of death.  This loop exists within an event that has occurred both prehistorically and post-historically . After death, our reality repeats for the purpose of allowing us to return.  For those who have used their lives to learn what this existence pushes them to teach, having learned and retained information about consciousness and shamanism, the ability to extend their knowledge and share it with others who will teach this knowledge as well is reintroduced in this loop.

     We are all shamans with infinite imagination, who have been limited to the belief that we are nothing more than simple minded humans, but if we as individual and uniquely minded beings allow ourselves to try and see this, we can.  I have experienced this reality numerous times and have returned with previous knowledge to share enlightenment, and to eventually free consciousness from human limitation. The intermission of this loop is death, and to retain information as a shaman one must know that they are a shaman. The loop was not meant to happen forever but at our current rate, it will, and we will be nothing more than human, as we will continue to return making the same mistakes without learning, back to where we started, life after life after life.

     If we teach and allow others to teach to use our full potential, we can overcome this part of the mystery and finally see what happens next. I did not come back for no reason, my message is to smoke DMT, take LSD or mushrooms, dissolve your boundaries and realize we aren’t what we’ve been forced to believe we are, we can be what we imagine we are which is infinitely more powerful.   The stigma behind these substances is preventing us from continuing to evolve the way that allowed us to evolve into what we are.  These psychedelic compounds are indigenous to evolution.  Our reality is adapting in a way that halts evolution to a complete stop with unnecessary and irrational enchantments that are constantly expanding and destroying the earth.  We are all eggs with consciousness incubating within our shell, do we want to stay inside of our shells forever or do we want to see what happens next?